Character & Leadership  

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Cadet Club (Geneva Ages 6-8)

Cadet Club gives the youngest club members ages 6-10 a small group experience to learn about teamwork, goal setting and achievement, along with how to serve their club and community.

Youth For Unity

The Youth for Unity program is designed to help youth:

  • Cultivate individuality. Youth learn to value their own individuality, and to embrace the unique combination of qualities that makes them who they are.
  • Build cultural identity. Club members respect the beliefs, traditions and values of the culture to which they belong.
  • Appreciate diversity. Young people learn about diverse cultures and groups, and begin to appreciate the richness and depth diversity brings to our society.

The Youth for Unity program works toward these goals designed to reach youth, staff and parents. The components of Youth for Unity are as follows:

  • Youth curriculum. Three sets of age-appropriate activities comprise the youth curriculum: activities for youth ages 6 to 9; activities for youth ages 10 to 12; and activities for youth ages 13 to 18.
  • Ethnic Cooking is provided as a hands-on incentive activity for active participation in curriculum discussions

Jr. Youth of The Year

Youth of the Year is BGCA’s premier youth recognition program for Club members ages 14-19.  All members can benefit from participation in this program, which promotes and celebrates service to Club, community and family; academic performance; moral character; life goals; and poise and public speaking ability. The Geneva Goodman Street Club offers youth recognition for their character and leadership within their club.  All twelve Members of the Month are eligible to compete for the Jr. Youth of the Year title through essay submission and interview process. The Youth of the Year program is most effective when used as a year-round tool for fostering young people’s character, personal growth and leadership qualities.