Learning Center  

The Learning Center is a computer room that consist of 17 computers for kids to learn and have fun.

Programmer for this room is Charlie Camp.


Roblox Club – where kids join the same game and play as a team. This has built friendships, team work, strategy, and creative fun within the club. All ages

Member’s Choice – Where kids are able to decide what they would like to do on the computers. This is a great opportunity for the kids to be creative as long as it is appropriate we give kids the freedom of choice. With their week long structure at school and here at the Boys and Girls Club Friday’s in this room is free time.

Tech Trep – Online educational courses that let the kids learn at their own pace. Courses that we are working on are:’

  •  MineCraft STEAM – Already spending hours a day on MineCraft? This course teaches kids in a fun way through MineCraft about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. This program will teach them about natural disasters as they escape Lavaland. Then as they enter their new world and rebuild their town they will learn about engineering, art, and math. They will have to create blue prints of their new town, houses, and more. They will have to create a business plan for their business. This program is an amazing tool of learning and the kids have no idea that they are learning they believe it is just a fun game.  Age 8+
  • MineCraft Modding with Java Script – This program will teach kids how to tinker with the worlds and build cool new things like custom blocks, candy cannons, plants, and brewing recipes. This course will help they kids learn the basics of coding with Java Programming while they create new tricks and tools. Now they can create a MineCraft world that can be uniquely their’s, but they will have to complete the MineCraft STEAM before they can enter Modding. Age 11+ and completion of MineCraft STEAM
  •  3D Printing and Design – From Candy to robots to rockets, there’s not much you can’t build as a 3D printing expert. In this 3D printing course for kids, you’ll master best practices of 3D modeling and printing, starting with basic shapes and building up to complex models. Learn, design, and watch your creations come to life – layer by incredible layer. Kids will make toys, fidget spinners, eye glasses, and a creation of their own.  Age 11+
  • 3D Design and Animation – In this 3D animation course for kids, they will learn how to build worlds from the ground up with detailed characters, objects, and landscapes. Then, we’ll teach them how to animate their 3D creations with a full range of motions and movements using Blender 2.7x. Create, tinker, and explore their own immersive, shareable world.  Age 11+
  • Google Ninja – After taking this course kids will have acquired skills needed to using Google’s products like a pro. In addition to knowing the ins and outs of using all the Google apps and productivity tools, they will understand how to share documents and files with others online. Great tool for any kid specially with Geneva School District using Google accounts for homework assignments.  Age 9+