Become a Volunteer  

Man working with kids in the garden

Want to feel like you are making a difference in the life of a child or adolescent? Want to share your knowledge and skill with a group of youth? Want to help a child or teen gain a sense of belonging, competence, usefullness and influence? Join the Club to Connect and Empower young people: Become A Volunteer!

Volunteer Opportunities at the Goodman Street Club

  • Homework Assistance
  • Share what you do for a living
  • Teach Ping Pong and Billiards Skills
  • Answer phones and assisting at the front desk
  • Decorating Bulletin Boards
  • Fine arts instruction/assiting in the art room
  • Guest presenter on safety, wildlife, cultural holidays, and any arts performance
  • Share a hobby
  • Mentor a member through Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Coach a basketball team

Volunteer Opportunities at the Teen Center

  • Tech assistance in theater and music production
  • Teach Career Launch session
  • Assist in group club trips, events and community service projects
  • Instruct Fine Arts sessions instrument or voice lessons
  • Mentor a child through Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Coach a basketball team
  • Organize or assist a basketball league

Volunteer at an Administrative or Board Level

  • Join a fundraising Committee
  • Join the Board of Directors
  • Join a Program, Resource Development or Human Resource Committee
  • Give services for maintenance and building repair

These are just a few of the volunteer opportunities the Club needs to fulfill its mission. Want to get started? Click here to download a form. Email the form to Susan Tolleson at the Geneva Community Center.